Dr. Leta D. Smith

Over 30 years of Leadership expertise in the management and improvement of Mental Health Services, as well as key integrated areas of safety, healthcare, substance abuse, developmental disabilities, education, gender, trauma, and community re-entry.

  • Enhance capacity for continuous quality improvement, accountability, and positive outcomes 

  • Provide independent expert monitoring and site-specific findings and recommendations for organizational growth and development 

  • Develop funding and program proposals, policies, trainings, and performance measures that support safety, positive clinical and behavioral outcomes, and cost effectiveness

  • Build community and inter-agency partnerships for more seamless, efficient systems of care and treatment 

  • Analyze and recommend physical plant program needs

  • Make oral and written presentations, and serve as liaison and subject matter expert
System Management Consultant
Specializing in Development and Management of Coordinated, Efficient, Safe and Effective Systems of Care and Treatment for Children, Youth and Adults in the justice system and their communities.