Dr. Leta D. Smith

Correctional Based Mental Health Services: Designing a System That Works
Chapter 19 of Clinical Practice in Correctional Medicine, Michael Puisis Ed., Philadelpha: Elseview/Mosby Press,2006
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Dr. Leta D. Smith - Publication Samples
Medication Refusal and the Rehospitalized Mentally Ill Inmate
Hospital and Community Psychiatry 40:491-496, 
Dr. Smith has authored numerous reports, policies, and training manuals for courts, major jurisdictions, and corporate management. 

In addition, Dr. Smith has numerous professional publications concerning the 
provision of quality care and treatment across the Juvenile and Adult continuum of services.

Examples include: 

- Service on the Editorial Advisory Board for the Juvenile Correctional Mental Health Report

-Co-authoring a chapter in the NCCHC Outstanding book of the Year:

​- U.S. Supreme Court Case, 2006 citation of Dr. Smith's study findings reported in her article involving Medication Refusal:

- Publication in the International Journal of Offender Therapy and Comparative Criminology

- Co-author of AIDS and People with Severe Mental Illness

- Publication in the Journal of Hospital and Community Psychiatry
AIDS & People with Severe Mental Illness
New Haven: Yale University Press,1996​