Dr. Leta D. Smith

In a July 23, 2008 release, the State of New Jersey Office of Child Advocate 
reports that: Youth Safer and Receiving Improved Treatment  

"NJ Office of Child Advocate, The Department (of Children and Families) and the Child Advocate jointly selected an independent expert, Leta Smith, Ph.D. The monitor...has been instrumental in shepherding reform efforts throughout the...organization. Through collaborative efforts with all parties, the monitor has acted as a catalyst for change at the program and continues to guide reform and monitor progress. The facility also recently earned accreditation from the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO), is a significant step for (a corporation), which faced significant challenges.."

NJ Corporation President: "As a result of Dr. Smith's efforts and her consistent unyielding commitment to excellence, we were able to overcome significant obstacles and improve our service delivery in New Jersey...Sometimes tough, and always brutally honest, Dr. Smith committed herself to our program's success and did so not as a distant observer or casual critic, but on-site of our programs as a regular and integral part of our team...Even though her scope of engagement was limited to our New Jersey program, I was able to utilize the observations she made and the advice that she offered (regarding proper care and treatment of troubled teens) to affect positive changes in our other programs nationwide...I would strongly endorse Dr. Smith to any program truly desiring positive program changes..."
Endorsements of Dr. Leta D. Smith